When it comes to circulating your marketing message, there’s no better time than now to Get On The Stick! Our specialty fan featuring customized messaging and graphics, will keep contacts cool and comfortable while providing your business with great local market exposure.

Get On The Stick! recognizes that every business has its own unique identity. Our concept allows you to showcase what sets your business apart through customized design and messaging. With Get On The Stick!, you’re able to create that special marketing piece that best defines what you do. With our sturdy construction and quality finish, your business or event will look great and have a lasting presence and impact for years to come.

  • Get On The Stick! offers a cool way of getting your business face out and about.
    With our dual-sided treatment, your message and supporting graphics will be displayed on this easily customizable fan. 
  • Go BOLD with your messaging!
    We’ll craft the content that lets the marketplace know who you are and what you do in ways that will ignite interest.

  • Tailor your look with specialized graphics that create visual interest!
    Get On The Stick! will create the graphics that visually punctuate what you do with impact and flair.

  • Make your message mobile!
    With Get On The Stick!, your business info is on the GO! We combine the content along with the graphics, arrange for the printing—we even handle the adhesive—and it all comes delivered to you on a stick!

Looking for a great way to maximize the exposure of your marketing message? Get On The Stick! offers the complete solution to suit your specific needs. Our specialty fan allows for customized messaging, graphics, color, logo and layout, and is ideal for everything from business marketing to corporate sponsorships, special events and celebrations, and all points in between. Get On The Stick and order YOURS today!



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