Most ideas as they say, are born out of necessity—and Get On The Stick! is no exception. Between the inevitable heat of a Texas summer settling in and the need for an improved and more practical means of business marketing, Get On The Stick! was conceived—and launched.

Get On The Stick’s fan concept offers businesses the ability to completely customize their look and message with colors, graphics, bullet points, layout and logos. By utilizing both sides of our mobile marketing piece, there is ample space for punctuating your marketing message.

Just a minute, now—I know what you’re thinking—the fan has already been done! As a matter of fact, I’ve been carrying one myself that represents Walgreens for the past three years…  The red fan displays the Walgreens name only, with a single stick glued to the reverse side. It’s simple messaging identifying a known brand.

Conversely, small businesses don’t typically enjoy the same name recognition and identity, and it left me wondering—couldn’t this idea be taken to the next level and done in a more complete and effective fashion?


The answer was, “Sure it could!!”

WELCOME, Get On The Stick!

GOTS tri-fan slide

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We soon realized our market wasn't limited to "business" only. Outdoor weddings and receptions, corporate conferences and trade shows, school fundraisers, baby showers/gender reveal parties, sporting events, town festivals, golf tournaments and family reunions were just a few of the special events that came to mind.

We are pleased to offer customized fans for ALL occasions, events and purposes. Contact us with your design needs—we're happy to help in creating a unique FAN that best captures your special event and memories!

Whatever your goal—whatever your occasion—and wherever you go, Get On The Stick! is the ideal mobilized means of getting your message moving. It's mobile billboard marketing-on a stick!

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